Loving Teddy

Rs 1349.00 2698

Product Details : 12 Red Roses, 2 Yellow Asiatic Lilies And 2 Cute Teddy (Height 6inch each) in a Basket Arrangement Wrapped in Yellow Paper Packing.

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Romantic Chocolate Combo

Rs 1699.00 3143.15

Product Details : 10 Red Roses in a Glass Vase, A Soft Teddy Bear (size 12inch) with a Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate (weight 60grm)

Pink Love

Rs 1099.00 2198

Product Details : 12 Pink Roses in a Handle Basket with 6 inch Teddy bear

Pink Roses With Cute Teddy Bear

Rs 949.00 1898

Product Details : 20 Pink Roses Bouquet in a Cellophane Packing With a Teddy Bear (Size 6inch)

Red Roses With Teddy Bear 1 Feet

Rs 1199.00 2398

Product Details : 18 Red Roses Bouquet with a Teddy Bear (Size 12inch)

Pink Roses With Teddy Bear 1 Feet

Rs 1299.00 2598

Product Details : 18 Pink Roses Bouquet in a Pink Paper Packing With a Teddy Bear (Size 1 Feet)

Mix Roses With Cute Teddy

Rs 999.00 1998

Product Details : 25 Mix Roses Bouquet in Yellow Paper Packing and a Soft Teddy Bear (Size : 6inch)

Mix Carnation With Cute Teddy

Rs 699.00 1398

Product Details : 20 Mix Carnations Bouquet in Cellophane Packing with a Soft Toy (hight 6inch)

Moon Love

Rs 2999.00 5998

Product Details : 50 Red Roses, 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, 2 Soft Toys (Height : 6inch each) in a Tall Moon Shape Arrangement.

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