Mix Carnations With Dryfurits Box

Rs 1999.00 3998

Product Details : 20 Mix Carnations in Round Cane Basket with Kaju, Almond, Raisin & Pista (weight : 100grm each) in a Box.

Pink Carnation With Dry Fruits

Rs 2549.00 5098

Product Details : 10 Pink Carnations in a Pink Paper Packing with Almond, Kaju, Pista Raisin (weight 250grm each) in a Basket.

Mix Dryfruits With Rasgulla

Rs 1199.00 2398

Product Details : Haldiram Rasgulla 1 tin (weight 1kg) with Kaju, Almond, Raisin & Pista (weight : 100grm each) in a Tray.

Non Stop Chatpata

Rs 2099.00 4198

Product Details : Haldiram Soan Papdi (weight 500grm), Haldiram Navrattan (weight 500grm) and Mixed Dry Fruits (Almond & Kaju weight 250grm each) in a Basket

Dryfruits With Chocolate N Sweet

Rs 1049.00 2098

Product Details : Kaju 100grm, Almond 100grm, 2 Pcs Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Chocolate (weight 38grm each) and Box of Soan Papdi (weight 250grm) in a Basket.

Dry Fruits With Dairy Milk Thali

Rs 1699.00 3398

Product Details : Kaju 150grm, Pista 150grm, Raisin 150grm, Almond 150grm and 4 Pcs Dairy Milk Chocolate (weight 14grm each) in a Steel Thali.

10% Off

Fresh Red Roses and Fresh Dry Fruits

Rs 3199.00 6078.1

Product Details : 30 Red Roses Bouquet in Cellophane Packing With Kaju, Raisin & Almond (weigh 250grm each) in a Basket

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